Things are going very well

Wassup good people.. Today I finished the last verse and touchups on another track. This one is entitled "Rewind Time". In this particular son, I talk about how sometimes we wish we could go back and redo parts of our lives. We all have had that moment, whether it was a person we met, a situation we were in. Anything. But when I was done, I realized I have 15 songs done. Didnt even realize it. Six months in, and I have another project done. I linked up with an awesome producer by the name of Master David. And this guy in my opinion is sent from God himself. I have been searching for a producer of his caliber for 3 years. And believe me, Ive been looking. And through him, Im gonna bring yall some good old fashioned great music.. He has a 90's feel, that reminds you of being outside at a cookout with friends and family.. I did two songs to his beats. One called "Summer Time Fine" and "Rewind Time" and there will possibly be two more!!! 



 Look forward to more good music this summer guys n gals.. 



Da Challenger


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