New Year

Wassup everyone.. Hope your new year is starting off well. My new year was going fine till I got the news that my aunt had passed on Jan 4th. Her heart just stopped.. I was devastated. Completely floored by the news. I still havent processed the information that I received. I am litterally at a loss for words over it. I am doing fine, it gets better as the time passes. The only thing that can heal pain is time. 


With that being said, I wrote a song about how I feel. I was/am confused on the situation. For my little cousins sake. To lose my mom, man I couldnt even fathom that.. 


This is the song I did to express how I truly feel about the whole scenario..


The track is called "One Question"



I hope you enjoy, and see exactly what I am going through..


Da Challenger

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