Gospel Praise Jam 2015

Wattup good people.. Yesterday was a great day. Many of you didnt know, but I also do a little gospel hip hop. My brother (local gospel/R&B artist) Brother D came to me about 2 years ago with a gospel track that he thought I would be perfect for. When he approached me with the idea, I was a little taken by the request, Mainly because I had never even put any mental energy into the idea. But he convinced me that it was something I could do. So we did the track, and low and behold, it went just as easy as writing any other song I have done. Fast forward to now, a woman he know's plugged us a spot to do our first performance as a Gospel group and Praise Jam 2015 at The Tabernacle church. Brother D had let someone in his neighborhood hear some of our music, and she contacted the lady putting the show together. And she reached out to Brother D personally to get us to perform. And we did. The show went quite well. The sound system wasnt that great, but we made due with what God gave us. 


Here is the link to the YouTube video I posted. TNT performing at Praise Jam 2015!!

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