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Whats going on good people.. Hope you all are prepared for this holiday season upon us. I come to you today with a new track I have done. I know, I know, I said I was gonna focus on Blue Lights, But this came to me very randomly. So im listening to some of my favorite artists from the greatest era in hip-hop.. (the 90's) and i start thinking to myself. What happened to the music.. When did it become what it is today? I am told consistently that I have a natural ability to tell stories in my music. And I owe that to me growing up in an era where music told stories. Made you feel as if ou were right there when whatever happened.. So I decided to come up with this track on a classic beat not many are familiar with, or even tried to use.. The artist, Ghosface Killah, is one of my all time favorite rappers to ever touch a mic. 

Anyway, sit back and enjoy, Im pretty sure you're gonna bang this twice.. 


Da Challenger

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