What's going on good people! Hope everyone is enjoying their 2014. I have been pretty busy here lately, and just wanted to jump in and say wassup to you guys. Currently I am still working on my next project, which I still havent named.. Rae Lyrique and I are almost done with our joint project entitled "God Like". And also, working with D. Mills on his solo gospel project. Things are pretty crazy around here. I feel like pen and paper are my wife and mistress. But its all good. Sleep is for the weak.. 


I also got a press release written for Blue Lights In The Basement! Want to read it, here it is: city_music.doc


All in all, things are moving forward.. As I continue to grow artistically, I am learning more and more about life. But in the end it'll all be worth it right??


Peace everybody, and remember, we are all trying to find greatness in ourselves.. Thats where it starts!!


#FOOD=Fighting Off Our Demons

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