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Whats going on everyone! Hope all is well with you all. Things are going well over here, and have no complaints. Things are moving along quite well. I have now finished all of Verbal Canvas Vol 2 (prod by Master David). That boy bad.. I am now at the point where I am figuring out which song to make the first single dropped and video shot. This will be my best project thus far. And I stuck to the script, I kept it old school. Straight up boom bap beats and lyrics for the soul! More verbal stories being told.. The whole nine.. Yall know me!! LOL. Looking to release the project around my birthday in June. Be on the lookout.. #FOOD

Moving right along. I am currently doing a survey. I want to get you guys feedback on this site and if you had any ideas on how I can make it better. I am trying to grow and expand to a wider audience. So I need you all to help me out. Take this quick survey, tell me what you think. And tell a friend to do the same. 

Here is the Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/TLQFD5B



I really appreciate you guys taking the time to rock with me! Without yall, I am nothing! 


Da Challenger

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