What I will do for you

Wassup good people.. Its been a few weeks since I've posted anything. Been a little busy. Everything is going well. Still getting positive reviews on the single. I think that the ladies are more into to it than the fellas.. But thats ok with me! lol!! Anyway, I was thinking of a way I can give back to you guys. I want to promote my site, my single, and the support local hip hop shirts.. So I came up with this.. EVERYONE WHO PURCHASES A "SUPPORT LOCAL HIP-HOP" SHIRT WILL RECEIVE A PERSONALIZED POSTER AND A COPY OF BLUE LIGHTS IN THE BASEMENT! As a thank you for the love and support you guys have shown me. You all just dont understand how much I appreciate you. 


BTW.. I have a new #hashtag. Its #FOOD-Fighting Off Our Demons. We all have battles to win, and demons to defeat!! We all can surpass the madness with a little Faith.. 


Da Challenger

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