Time away again.

Alright. Whats going on good people. As you can see I have taken some time away again. My apologies to those that reached out and fell on deaf ears. Been handling some things and taking care of business. I have been focusing on being the CEO of City Music Records. Between that and still doing my thing. Life has been a little crazy. But all things considered, I am still at it. I did a track to an Anita Baker sample. The song was "Been So Long". I entitled the track "Been So Long" as well. From the handful of people I sent it to, they love it. I want to leak it to the public, but I may hold on to it for a min. I am however willing to send it to people that drop their emails to me. So if you want to give it a listen, holla at me.


In other news, I'm hoping everyone is having a great summer. I sure am. Yall be safe out here.. Its crazy in these streets!

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