The resurgence of Lashes

Hey everyone. Hope everyone is having a great year. Things have been crazy on my end. As many of you know, I have an alter ego named Lashes Bighead. He is the complete opposite of who Da Challenger is. Lashes is the party starter, and the party crasher. Known to make a party liver than what it was. You can sorta say he is the east coast Devin The Dude. I am set to release his project on Friday Nov 17th. The original date was set for the 10th. But I came across some beats that I gotta get on for this project. Its called "The Chronicles Of Lashes"! It has taken quite some time to come out with this. Mainly because there was/is an internal mental battle between the two. Challenger wanting to the be story telling boom bap allstar he is known for. And Lashes just wants to roam free and be ratchet... As you could probably imagine, it was rough. I however did find a balance between the two with the first single I released entitled "Been So Long"! A great track produced by a duo names Hypnodiq & Lil Memphis. Here is the link:


Hope you enjoy. And we will convene in a week or so!


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