Progressing and expanding.

Whats going on good people. I haven't talk to you guys in over a month and I am very sorry for that. There is a lot going on on my end these days. Between creating new music, working on the site, managing two facebook fan pages and just overall life. A guy has had his hands full. So recently I've gotten up with an old friend of mine, Rae Lyrique. You can find him featured on one song on every mixtape I've ever put out. He and I go back to high school where the dream was planted. You ever meet or know of an artist that in your opinion should have made it by now? Yea, thats how I feel about this guy. A very talented MC. So after talking with him, we decided to form a group. With his excellent verbal skills, and my vintage style, we compliment each other in a very awesome way. We've already completed two tracks and the goal is a 10 track EP just to give you guys a taste of whats to come. We haven't come up with a name just yet, but the sessions are still very epic. On top of getting with him, I am also finishing up my next mixtape. Didn't even realize I was 10 tracks in already. I may add one more to it then drop it on you unexpectedly.. On some Beyonce shit. lol! I digress, I've been very busy lately, and plan on keeping it going.. 


Hope everyone is having a great 2014. 



Da Challenger


(Fighting Off Our Demons)

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