What is going on in Baltimore, and all over the world is crazy. I try to understand the frustration with all the rioters. But what I don't understand is why they are tearing up their own neighborhoods. Baltimore has been "rebuilding" since the riots of the late 60's. And they still haven't remodeled anything from that era. In my opinion, a peaceful protest that would be beneficial would be to stop giving the oppressors our money. If we cut them off at the head, and eliminate the income they generate off us would effect them in a tremendous way. But I get it, they're upset. They're tired. And they feel that the only way to get anyone to listen to them is to cause havoc. That won't get us too far. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost someone close due to police injustice. I personally haven't experienced this first hand. But I can only imagine the pain and stress that can stem from that situation. 


Brother D and I came up with a song that is perfect for this ongoing madness. And straight like that, "It Don't Have To Be This Way". And the moral to the track, is that we all must get up and keep going.. Stay positive. God got us. Help your brother when you know he is making a bad move. Same for your sister. We gotta be there for one another. Because clearly, nobody else will. If we all could just sit back and look at the bigger picture and realize they want us to be against each other. They want us to be negative. They want us blind to the things going on around us. They don't want us to see the potential that we possess. 



I digress. Brother D and I feel that It dont have to be this way. 


Check out the track that we did on this very topic and situation.. 


Click here: "It Don't Have To Be This Way-Brother D Ft Da Challenger



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