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Whats going on everybody! Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend. I sure did. Took a mini vacation to Virginia Beach for some much needed R&R. While sitting on the beach, I realized that. I have a long journey ahead of me and its time to pick up the pace! I have been doing quite well here lately, and am very grateful for everything that's been going on. But its time to step into over drive. Today I decided to release "Loved & Lost" Prod. By Master David. Its a story that I'm quite sure everyone can relate to. So confident that I wont even give you details on the song. I released it on soundcloud and in a few hours it has gotten 58 plays, six likes and four reposts. I am very happy about that. Now lets see how many I can get in a week. Its on the home page, go on ahead and press play on that. Tell a friend to tell a friend that its all the way live around here!! Looking forward to the summer guys... Gonna be epic!



Da Challenger


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