Met a local legend!

Whats going on good people. Hope all is well with y'all. Today I met a local legend. The Mayor of Rap City. The original host, Chris Thomas. Met him off the random. I walked up on him like YOOOOO!! Rap City!!! He busted out laughing. LOL. As did I. I chopped it up with him for a good little while. He is a very cool guy. Very humble. We talked about him getting into acting and comedy. Told him about my label and the things we are doing. Told him we could make some things happen. Gave him a business card. (Glad I had them on me) And he said he'd shoot me a call. That made for an ending to an awesome weekend. Chase your dreams guys. Never give up. We are all one decision away from changing our lives!! 


Peace y'all. 

Da Challenger

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