Interview with Exposed Vocals

Wassup good people.. Hoping everyone is enjoying the spring/summer weather. Its been pretty off and on here in the DC area. Tempermental weather we are having. LOL. Anyway, as you guys know, I have been on my CEO tip lately. Running City Music Records. Things are moving along pretty well. Unfortunately I had to get rid of Jon G and P. Rophet (AKA D. Nice, Brother D). I need people that are going to work just as hard as I am. But, moving forward, I got in touch with a group of people named Exposed Vocals. They do music reviews, and music video hosting. They also have promotion opportunities on their site. ( They reached out to me via twitter to do an interview for their site. I was more than happy to oblige. It was short and to the point. We went back and forth via email to get it done. Major shoutout to the Randy over at!!


Here is the interview:


Be blessed everyone.. 

Da Challenger

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