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Wassup good people. Hope everyone has enjoyed their 4th of July. Mine was pretty good. Took my kids to see some fireworks. Ate good, and drank good too. 

Anyway, I come to you guys today wondering what is going on in hip hop. Over the past few years, I have noticed that... It doesnt take much talent to make it mainstream these days. The quality of hip hop has pretty much taken a nose dive. While there are still some veterans still coming out with some good stuff. The younger generation has taken over and have no respect to the game. Not all new artists are all about the gimmicks. But the majority are.. For lack of a better term. Some trash. Its just my opinion. Thats it, thats all. And the mainstream listener is not making it any better. It seems that as long as the beat is hot, the song will be hot. HELL NO, NOT NEVER!! If anybody should be getting the praise, its the producers. They're making the beats these trash artist are making songs to. I was watching an interview on youtube today (thats what sparked this blogpost) and the interviewer stated that the younger generation dont take the music serious. And in the middle of finishing his statement, the young cat was like "I don't"! He said its all fun and games, and all about the money. SMMFH!!! If Biggie, Pac, Big L, and a host of other MC's to pass on, are flipping in their graves... Hell, I'm walking around still in shock..

Man, shoutout to all the real artists out here making real music with some sort of substance. Not out here trying to sound like somebody or falling into the latest trends. Its refreshing to hear some music thats not like what the masses are trying to push. Once upon a time, if you came out as a new artist, and sounded like any other artist. You got clowned and called a biter... Not so much the case now a days. 

Hopefully this new trend will die off and the real will come back..

Signing off,

Da Challenger

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