#FOOD Fighting Off Our Demons

Whats up good people.. I hope everyone is doing well. Going into this new year, I have stepped things up a notch. Today I bring to you the official #FOOD t-shirt, and hoodie. Im trying to get people hip to the movement of fighting through our trials and tribulations. One thing is life is certain, that there will come a time when we fall victim to our demons. But the thing is, we have a choice as to what happens next. We can sit around upset at the fact that we're down, or we can risw to the occasion and accept the challenge. I, myself have demons I am fighting on a daily basis. I am getting better everyday. 


So with that being said, i am hoping that you feel me, and would buy a shirt or hoodie to help get the word out.. 

http://teespring.com/food2 Here's the link. 

I hope you guys are having a great year. 



Da Challenger

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