FInally Finished

What is going on good people!!!! My apologies that I haven't been posting like usual. Things are pretty busy on my end. I hope everyone is having a great summer. I know I am. Where do I begin. My summer song "Body & Soul" got into the ear of a few local DJ's on one of the popular stations in the area. (WPGC 95.5) and they are loving it. If you havent heard it, heres the link:  And its really generating a buzz. When the track got to their attention, they asked me for a press kit, which I had, but never got around to completing. Honestly, I didn't put a rush on it because of this site, plus my facebook fan page. If you've never seen the fan page, heres the link: So I basically had to go and get some new professional photos taken, finalize all the new music I had, and set up my press kit. Sounds fairly simple right? It really is in a nutshell, but when the heat is on, it feels like alot. All in all, I got it done. And Im waiting for the response. The DJ's are on air daily, so I will be patient with this one. I am thankful for whatever may come from this. Whats the worse they can say, NO?? LOL, I think I'd live.. 


I digress....

Things are moving at a steady pace. I wish you all everything your hearts desire!! 

Da Challenger


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