Busy as ever

Whats going on good people. I hope everyone is doing well and living life. I have been quite the busy guy over here. I recently moved and got a new job. On top of finalizing the playlist for the latest mixtape. Which I still havnet even named yet, LOL. But I have finally moved in, and setup the studio so things will continue to be moving. I was contacted recently by Everybody Eats Entertainment out of North Carolina. They contacted me because they are planning a show in Winston-Salem, and want me and City Music Records to come down and for me to be the featured act!! WOW!!! I am surely eccstatic about this right here. The show is supposed to be around the middle of November. So in the mean time between time, we have a lot work to do. Planning, and communicating and making sure everybody is on the same page. 


All in all, as usual, things are moving! I am thankful. And I hope everyone is progressing in their lives!!


Da Challenger

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