Been so long!!

Whats going on good people. Hope all of you are doing well. I know I haven't been as active as you might be used to, but things have been changing a lot on my end. But all things considered, I am doing well. I have released a few new freestyles and I am getting back in the saddle. I have been networking with a few good people and came across some great people. I am under new management. We All We Got ENT. Shoutout to Keith "Blind" Williams for showing love over the years. We have actually been friends since the playground. Grew up around the same hood. Rittenhouse St. Uptown till we die. But moving forward, we have some major things in play. An when I say be on the lookout for some fire ass music. All the pieces of the puzzle are here, and all we gotta do is line them up and knock them down. 


Stay tuned.... Follow me on twitter @dachallenger202 and on IG at the same name!



Da Challenger

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