Time away!


Hey hey heeey!! Wattup everyone! Hope everyone is having a great year thus far. I have been super busy here lately. Life can sure throw you for a loop. And I'm just floating through like its nothing! All things considered, it has been a very good year so far. Heading into the summer I've decided to run with my alter ego Lashes Bighead. I know I scream "lyrics with substance" faithfully. But as of lately, he has been wreaking havoc in my mind. LOL So I will release Doppelganger in June. It will be a double CD featuring both sides of my brain. I am still finalizing the playlist for both disks, and I'm thinking 10 tracks per side. This was a fun project. I have gotten quite a bit of feedback from a lot of people. Some good, some bad, most on the fence. Not really my concern.. Cant please everyone right? LOL, I digress. This project will be great. I did however stick to my story telling ability. Still painting pictures with my words. I have released one of the tracks from the mixtape entitled Ill Bomb by Da Challenger. Its on auto play from the home page. I will be more active now as I have freed up my schedule. Just for you guys. I appreciate all the emails and calls I've received from all of you. Y'all make this all worth it!! 


Love your music so far. Bringing that old school feel back. Can't wait to hear more!!
I think this will be an interesting project since you will be doing both sides of your talent. I can't wait to hear what Lashes has in store for the summertime. Keep it pushing homie, the sky is the limit. #WayBackLikeCaddySeats #MyManFiddyGrand
Can't wait for this project to drop! It's a dope concept and will allow listeners to experience the full range of styles from Da Challenger/Lashes Bighead. If it's the same high caliber of material that was featured on previous mixtapes, then I know this will not disappoint! Peace and many, many blessings.
I can't wait!!!! This album better be turnt!!!!
Can't wait to hear the new wirk

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