The Motion

Ok, so its been a few days since my last post. Im still riding the high of being featured on that coast 2 coast mixtape. Anyway, I was reading an article on maketing, using social media. Im still having trouble getting new followers on twitter. So as im reading im noticing that its telling me that I should stop making music for a minute, and focus solely on the marketing aspect of my music. And after I read it, I felt like they were right. The article was saying that I can have the best music being made right now, but if I dont have anybody looking or waiting to hear it, Its falling on deaf ears. So I decided to utilize hootsuite to schedule my tweets and fb posts. So far, Im getting the same results. Not a bad thing, I just need to keep at it...


On another note, I know it said that I shouldnt be making any new music at the moment, but I heard Drakes Motion and had to do a remix to it. So going against the advice from the article, I did it anyway.. I think im done now!! lmao!!!!


Heres what one person had to say about it:

Dj Khalil (DMV)- That joint is hot bro! The mixing is pretty good too, with your voice and Drake's balanced well.

Here it is!! Tell me what you think!


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