The resurgence of Lashes


Hey everyone. Hope everyone is having a great year. Things have been crazy on my end. As many of you know, I have an alter ego named Lashes Bighead. He is the complete opposite of who Da Challenger is. Lashes is the party starter, and the party crasher. Known to make a party liver than what it was. You can sorta say he is the east coast Devin The Dude. I am set to release his project on Friday Nov 17th. The original date was set for the 10th. But I came across some beats that I gotta get on for this project. Its called "The Chronicles Of Lashes"! It has taken quite some time to come out with this. Mainly because there was/is an internal mental battle between the two. Challenger wanting to the be story telling boom bap allstar he is known for. And Lashes just wants to roam free and be ratchet... As you could probably imagine, it was rough. I however did find a balance between the two with the first single I released entitled "Been So Long"! A great track produced by a duo names Hypnodiq & Lil Memphis. Here is the link:


Hope you enjoy. And we will convene in a week or so!



Time away again.


Alright. Whats going on good people. As you can see I have taken some time away again. My apologies to those that reached out and fell on deaf ears. Been handling some things and taking care of business. I have been focusing on being the CEO of City Music Records. Between that and still doing my thing. Life has been a little crazy. But all things considered, I am still at it. I did a track to an Anita Baker sample. The song was "Been So Long". I entitled the track "Been So Long" as well. From the handful of people I sent it to, they love it. I want to leak it to the public, but I may hold on to it for a min. I am however willing to send it to people that drop their emails to me. So if you want to give it a listen, holla at me.


In other news, I'm hoping everyone is having a great summer. I sure am. Yall be safe out here.. Its crazy in these streets!


Interview with Exposed Vocals


Wassup good people.. Hoping everyone is enjoying the spring/summer weather. Its been pretty off and on here in the DC area. Tempermental weather we are having. LOL. Anyway, as you guys know, I have been on my CEO tip lately. Running City Music Records. Things are moving along pretty well. Unfortunately I had to get rid of Jon G and P. Rophet (AKA D. Nice, Brother D). I need people that are going to work just as hard as I am. But, moving forward, I got in touch with a group of people named Exposed Vocals. They do music reviews, and music video hosting. They also have promotion opportunities on their site. ( They reached out to me via twitter to do an interview for their site. I was more than happy to oblige. It was short and to the point. We went back and forth via email to get it done. Major shoutout to the Randy over at!!


Here is the interview:


Be blessed everyone.. 

Da Challenger


Met a local legend!


Whats going on good people. Hope all is well with y'all. Today I met a local legend. The Mayor of Rap City. The original host, Chris Thomas. Met him off the random. I walked up on him like YOOOOO!! Rap City!!! He busted out laughing. LOL. As did I. I chopped it up with him for a good little while. He is a very cool guy. Very humble. We talked about him getting into acting and comedy. Told him about my label and the things we are doing. Told him we could make some things happen. Gave him a business card. (Glad I had them on me) And he said he'd shoot me a call. That made for an ending to an awesome weekend. Chase your dreams guys. Never give up. We are all one decision away from changing our lives!! 


Peace y'all. 

Da Challenger


Working with Gangsta Glamour


What's going on good people. Hope everyone is having a great 2017 so far. I sure am.. 

I have been working with an old friend, and dope artist by the name of Gangsta Glamour. Over the last few months, we have been diligently working to get her EP out. And on Feb 16, she released "Pain Behind The Glamour" And it is doing quite well. The numbers are moving, and people quite receptive to a female with aggression. Her passion is unparalleled in compating her to most indie female artist. (Some guys too). She has a chip on her shoulder, and is letting it al fly. No holds barred. Here is the link to her mixtape: Check her out! Give her a listen. I can guarantee you'll be amazed.



Da Challenger


Put That Thang On Me-Remix


Wassup everybody. I am back at it again with another remix. Today's choice is Put That Thang On Me by Chocolate Droppa AKA Kevin Hart Ft Trey Songz. I removed Kevin Harts verse and added my own. I let a few people hear it before I made the youtube vid and they all love it. I am sure you will too. I am starting to like doing remixes actually. Kinda broadens my vision for when I do my original tracks. Anyway, here is the link Like, Comment, and most importantly, SHARE!!!


Peace y'all

Da Challenger 


The latest iTunes commercial


Whats going on good people. Hoping everyone is having a great 2017 so far. A few days ago I was watching TV and came across the newest iTunes commercial. It features a young man walking down the street. He put his headphones on, and one of the best songs possible started to play. The featured song is by Marian Hill entitled "Down". It has a soulful sound with a hip hop flare. As soon as I heard it, I went looking for it. Came across the song, and while trying to find the instrumental. I realized I didn't need to. There are two parts that are open and I can lay my vocals to it. So I immediately loaded up the protools and uploaded the track and proceeded to lay one of the best remixes I have ever done. Had to post it to YouTube. 


If you'd like to check out what I did, here is the link! 

Peace y'all!


Great article by talking bout "Burn One, Drink Some" (Prod by Master David)


Da Challenger is an indie artist out of Washington, D.C. heavily influenced by the 90’s. Delivering boom bap at its finest, he is looking to bring back music with substance. The song is entitled “Burn One, Drink Some” (Prod by Master David), a single off the mixtape Verbal Canvas Vol 2 (Prod by Master David).

Da Challenger is an amazingly authentic hip-hop artist, and this track in particular is jaw dropping.  Great rhymes, lyricism and production, which takes you back to the good old days of rap. The song, about courting in the new age, has a funky old school, soulful, funky, and jazzy feel to it.

And even though I’ve heard this boom bap sound many times over the years, I won’t stop re-listening to it anytime soon. If you like positive funky 90s vibes, give this a listening to, you’re sure to enjoy it.

da-challenger-250This is quite simply an inspired track. The rapping from Da Challenger is sharp, lyrical and creative while the production just grooves. When thinking about jazz, soul and hip-hop, a word that comes to mind is synergy.

In bringing together hip-hop, soul and jazz, there is a certain synergistic energy that takes these types of music to a completely different level. And let’s be honest, that’s exactly what Da Challenger is doing here.

If you take the time to listen to carefully you will feel the sophisticated energy of the alternative sound as well as the unapologetic force of boom bap. On top of that, you will hear a story and a reflection on life and relationships that take you to the city, fully engulfed in what’s happening now between people.

Guru combines the instrumentation and heart of boom bap with rapping and the more technological aspects of hip-hop. The end result is “Burn One, Drink Some”, a recording that will stand the test of time as its influences come from the classics. This is also because of its creativity and the ways in which it shows the beauty of distinct types of music that are also much the same.

At the same time, Da Challenger isn’t necessarily going to throw out rhymes that are overly complicated and complex. I don’t mean this as a slight. On the contrary, his lyricism is honest, to the point and lets you know what the score is. With the musical backdrop provided on “Burn One, Drink Some”Da Challenger’s delivery is just right!



Great article on Vol 2 by Sleeping Bag Studios


Whats going on good people. Shoutout to my guy Jer at Sleeping Bag Studios. This guy has written yet another great article review on Vol 2.


Check it out here:




Hanging with Gangsta Glamour


Yesterday was a great day. I was at City Music Records and they were having a session with Glam. I got to witness her record three awesome tracks. She will be a force not to be played with. She has a passion that I personally haven't seen in many others. She also ain't about to let anything stop her! She and I will have a hit before the year is out! But be on the lookout for her solo project entitled "Pain Behind The Glamour"!!


The release of Verbal Canvas Vol 2 (Prod By Master David)

Well I decided to let it fly today! Shoutout to David Dave for the beats on this project!! I took my time on this one. And it came out great! Tell me what you think! I would like to thank everybody that played a part in the creation of this project. It took alot of work. I bothered and pestered alot of people, but I am ever so thankful for you all! 

So Gone Challenge


Check out my #SoGoneChallenge submission!


Shook Ones Challenge


Check out my #shookoneschallenge post on youtube!


Upcoming show on August 28 at Pure Lounge



On August 28th, I will be performing at Pure Lounge. Shoutout to Afton Shows. This will be my second show with them. The first one was a great opportunity to show off my talents. This time im perfecting what I do. Tickets are available at If you use promo code DA163 before 8/9/2016, they are $10. After that they are $12. Hope to see you there. If you were at the last one, then you already know what it is!! Imagine how much better its gonna be!!



Da Challenger


Wishing on a star!


Wassup good people. Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. I have had a few setbacks over the last few days. But things are moving along like they were. The release of "Verbal Canvas Vol 2" will be here soon. Very soon.. Just get your ears ready. This will be my best work yet! Believe me on this one. 


Peace and Blessings,

Da Challenger


Hip-hop Today


Wassup good people. Hope everyone has enjoyed their 4th of July. Mine was pretty good. Took my kids to see some fireworks. Ate good, and drank good too. 

Anyway, I come to you guys today wondering what is going on in hip hop. Over the past few years, I have noticed that... It doesnt take much talent to make it mainstream these days. The quality of hip hop has pretty much taken a nose dive. While there are still some veterans still coming out with some good stuff. The younger generation has taken over and have no respect to the game. Not all new artists are all about the gimmicks. But the majority are.. For lack of a better term. Some trash. Its just my opinion. Thats it, thats all. And the mainstream listener is not making it any better. It seems that as long as the beat is hot, the song will be hot. HELL NO, NOT NEVER!! If anybody should be getting the praise, its the producers. They're making the beats these trash artist are making songs to. I was watching an interview on youtube today (thats what sparked this blogpost) and the interviewer stated that the younger generation dont take the music serious. And in the middle of finishing his statement, the young cat was like "I don't"! He said its all fun and games, and all about the money. SMMFH!!! If Biggie, Pac, Big L, and a host of other MC's to pass on, are flipping in their graves... Hell, I'm walking around still in shock..

Man, shoutout to all the real artists out here making real music with some sort of substance. Not out here trying to sound like somebody or falling into the latest trends. Its refreshing to hear some music thats not like what the masses are trying to push. Once upon a time, if you came out as a new artist, and sounded like any other artist. You got clowned and called a biter... Not so much the case now a days. 

Hopefully this new trend will die off and the real will come back..

Signing off,

Da Challenger


Just being happy!


Whats going on good people. Its a pretty cloudy sunday here in DC. But I woke up feeling great. Over the past few weeks I have been feeling a little out of sorts. But I kept telling myself I am fine. And even though I didn't fully know what was going on. I kept on pushing. I came to the realization that you have to allow yourself to be happy. You have to. Can't really be concerned with what ANYONE has to say or think about you. When you come to understand who you are, be that. No need in trying to be something else. It takes way too much energy to be anything outside of your character. Love who you are, be who you are, and the right people will flock to you. 


I can't remember the last time I went to bed before 1 in the morning. Knowing I have to get up at 6:45am lol. It seems that my creative juices start to flow at the end of the day when I have relaxed and calmed down from my day. And thats fine. This mission that seemed so impossible is becoming more and more feasible everyday. And I love the direction my life is headed in. 


Hope you guys are ready for the release of "Verbal Canvas Vol II"! Its my best work to date. Just gotta finish up some final touches on a few tracks. And it'll be ready for y'all to hear. I am still gonna release Lashes Bighead's mixtape. Just at a later date. Maybe the end of the summer. Send you guys off in the fall/winter with some more great music. 


Half the year is already gone by now. Time to step it into overdrive and finish 10x stronger that we started!


Da Challenger

City Music Records LLC


Progress baby




Coast2Coast Next Up Vol 342


Whats going on good people. I hope everyone is starting their summer off great!!! I got an email a few days ago from the good people over at Coast2Coast Mixtapes. They were contacting me to tell me that a song I submitted to them "She Got Me" didnt make the mixtape I submitted to, but got enough votes to be put up on their #NextUp Vol 342. This is like the 4th time I've been on one of their #nextup tapes. I am track #26. 


Here's the link:



Peace y'all,

Da Challenger


Its My Damn Birthday!


What is going on good people!!!! I hope all of you are doing well. Today is my birthday. And I am excited to say that I am very proud to have reach another year. Things are moving smoothly. Had a little setback on the cover of the mixtape. But even though the the release will be a little late. Its still coming. And I am.... Gonna drop it on your head!! In lieu of my bday, as a gift to me. I would liekyou to go listen to my latest single and leave a comment on it. Let me know how you feel.


Thanks for the continued love good people!!!


Da Challenger


Check out this article on "Loved & Lost"


A major shoutout to the people over at Sleeping Bag Studios. Especially Jer. This guy has been a fan of mine from the beginning and has written some great articles on my tunes. He is one of the few people that actually get the direction I am going in. And we have never met. Only talked online. Follow them on twitter @sleepingbagrec Here is the article he wrote on the newest release, Loved & Lost.



Peace and blessings you guys.. This is gonna be a great summer!!! 

Da Challenger


Newest release "Loved & Lost"


Whats going on good people. I am here to tell you that the single is moving like a runaway train. In a 17 days, it has gotten over 1100 plays and 21 likes on soundcloud. I have been all over the place promoting this song. Long nights and early mornings. A big shoutout to everyone that took the time to listen. I appreciate all of you, on everything. Now its time to start thinking about a visual for this. I think the people are looking forward to it. And I'm looking forward to shooting it. If you haven't heard it, here's the link:


Again, I thank all of you that have been there on this road to glory! 

Peace Kings and Queens, 

Da Challenger


New release


Whats going on everybody! Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend. I sure did. Took a mini vacation to Virginia Beach for some much needed R&R. While sitting on the beach, I realized that. I have a long journey ahead of me and its time to pick up the pace! I have been doing quite well here lately, and am very grateful for everything that's been going on. But its time to step into over drive. Today I decided to release "Loved & Lost" Prod. By Master David. Its a story that I'm quite sure everyone can relate to. So confident that I wont even give you details on the song. I released it on soundcloud and in a few hours it has gotten 58 plays, six likes and four reposts. I am very happy about that. Now lets see how many I can get in a week. Its on the home page, go on ahead and press play on that. Tell a friend to tell a friend that its all the way live around here!! Looking forward to the summer guys... Gonna be epic!



Da Challenger



Finally officially finished



Alright... How is everyone doing? I am doing great, other than fighting off this bronchitis and head cold. I have managed to officially finalize the playlist for Doppelganger! A total of 20 track. 10 for each disk! This will be epic. The release date is scheduled for the end of June! My birthday is the 22nd. So look for it around then... I am ecstatic about this project. Really gonna show off my craft. Show off my progressions and abilities!!! Yall just be on the lookout for this project!!


Doppelganger June 2016


Whats going on everybody. Hope everyone is doing well. Today I come to you even more excited about the release of Doppelganger. It will be my best project thus far. Groundbreaking in nature.. Its the best of both worlds in my opinion! Im bringing old school back to meet the new in a head on collision of music, bars and beats.. Bridging the gap, so to speak. To tell you to buckle up for this ride would be an understatement! As Lashes, I will be releasing a remix I did to Fetty Wap's Jimmy Choo. Be on the lookout for that!! 


All is well here. We are on schedule. The release, as of now will not be pushed back.. 


Peace and Love Kings and Queens

Da Challenger


Another great has passed on!!


We just recently lost another great artist and pioneer of the music industry. The man Prince has passed away. Man, even though I was more of a MJ fan, I still liked Prince too. It came as a shocker to me. Its always the ones you least expect to go. You never heard any negative press about the man. Never saw him in a compromised situation, NOTHING!! But you knew his music and knew his signature sound. The King of baby making music. Prince, your music will live on forever. Along with the the other greats that have gone off to a better place. One of my favorite songs by Prince is Adore. Prince made that kinda music that if you dedicated a song to a woman, she would know exactly how you felt. No question! 


Rest on Prince Rogers Nelson.. 1958-2016

You will be missed!! 


Time away!



Hey hey heeey!! Wattup everyone! Hope everyone is having a great year thus far. I have been super busy here lately. Life can sure throw you for a loop. And I'm just floating through like its nothing! All things considered, it has been a very good year so far. Heading into the summer I've decided to run with my alter ego Lashes Bighead. I know I scream "lyrics with substance" faithfully. But as of lately, he has been wreaking havoc in my mind. LOL So I will release Doppelganger in June. It will be a double CD featuring both sides of my brain. I am still finalizing the playlist for both disks, and I'm thinking 10 tracks per side. This was a fun project. I have gotten quite a bit of feedback from a lot of people. Some good, some bad, most on the fence. Not really my concern.. Cant please everyone right? LOL, I digress. This project will be great. I did however stick to my story telling ability. Still painting pictures with my words. I have released one of the tracks from the mixtape entitled Ill Bomb by Da Challenger. Its on auto play from the home page. I will be more active now as I have freed up my schedule. Just for you guys. I appreciate all the emails and calls I've received from all of you. Y'all make this all worth it!! 


Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. I know that I have been missing in action for a while now. Things got a little crazy on my end. But I have not stopped coming up with new material. In fact, I now have an alter ego that goes by the name Lashes Bighead. As many of you know, I am a story teller with the lyrics. And I promote alot of positive energy with my music as Da Challenger. But as of lately, I have had these urges to make more "popular" music. Never will I stray away from my original passion. But at this time, I have to get this side of me out. Lashes is the complete opposite of Challenger. He writes about life in the fast lane with vivid imagery. He's very animated and can get a party started at any given moment. Sorta reminds me of myself once upon a time. LOL. I believe you guys will like him just as much as you like me. Here is the most recent freestyle by Lashes. Check it out! Drop a comment in the guestbook and let me know what you think!! 


Peace yall and happy new year!!

Da Challenger


Been so long!!


Whats going on good people. Hope all of you are doing well. I know I haven't been as active as you might be used to, but things have been changing a lot on my end. But all things considered, I am doing well. I have released a few new freestyles and I am getting back in the saddle. I have been networking with a few good people and came across some great people. I am under new management. We All We Got ENT. Shoutout to Keith "Blind" Williams for showing love over the years. We have actually been friends since the playground. Grew up around the same hood. Rittenhouse St. Uptown till we die. But moving forward, we have some major things in play. An when I say be on the lookout for some fire ass music. All the pieces of the puzzle are here, and all we gotta do is line them up and knock them down. 


Stay tuned.... Follow me on twitter @dachallenger202 and on IG at the same name!



Da Challenger


Drake Vs. Meek Mill


Ok, so here's my take on the whole situation... I have no idea where Meek has come from in this whole thing. It seems like he's beefin because Drake didn't tweet about his mixtape... Nigga...... Didn't you cry about Wale not tweeting about your mixtape too? Whats the problem? Did someone get in your ear and tell you bitchin is the cool thing to do. Ol boy you say aint ghostwrite for Drizzy, and you still bitchin... Make a top ten song before you start ranting like an 8th grader getting her first period!!!! 


My next show



Saturday August 29th At Cafe Asia! Come out and support your favorite story teller! Show starts at 6pm. Drink specials, giveaways, and more! Tickets only $12 visit for your tickets today!


Been a while..


Whats going on good people. I know I have been away for while. I hope you all are doing well. I had to take a little step back to get myself in order. Yall know how life can be. LOL. But I am back and even more ready for action. Stay tuned for some more pre releases and another single off Vol. 2. This will be something epic...



Da Challenger


Birthday Show at Eden Lounge June 27th 2015


From the people at City Music Records​, we want to offer you an exclusive offer. Buy your early bird tickets to see Da Challenger​ on June 27th, at Eden Lounge to celebrate his birthday, and you will receive an autographed copy of Verbal Canvas Vol. 1, a poster of Da Challenger, and an early release of Verbal Canvas Vol 2 (Prod by Master David​. Get your tickets here:
Tickets are only $12 or you can get with me for all items in hand, plus the ticket!!


Tickets to my birthday show. June 27th 2015


Come on out and celebrate my birthday with me. I will be performing at Cafe Asia on June 27th. The show is starts at 6pm. There will be drink specials, giveaways and much more!! Come have a drink with me and assist me in celebrating another year of life. Click HERE for your tickets!!


Hope to see you there.. 



from the We Break Singles Competition





Recap of last nights competition at Turntable


Alright everyone. Whats going on!!! Well last night was the "We Break Singles" competition. It was a very fun filled night. I got to meet alot of local artist, some on the come up like me, and quite a few already established. All in all, I did not win in any of the places, but I learned a valuable lesson. When it comes to grinding it out, and chasing a dream. There will always be things that will make you wanna say forget it. But you must keep pushing. We seem to always quit right as the blessing is coming! No need in me being upset. I WILL win the next one!!!


Cafe Asia June 27th 2015



Wattup everybody. I am back on the stage on June 27th at Cafe Asia. Another show provided by the great people over at Afton. This will be another great opportunity for me to progress in with this music. One of the reasons Afton is a great company is, they not only give you the necessary resources to succeed. But they also put you in position to network with other great local artist!


Anyway, Id love to see you there. Tickets are only $12.

Click here to get your tickets!!





Catch me this evening at Turntables on Georgia Ave Uptown. Its the first competition that I have ever been in since I started taking this music thing seriously. There are three prizes. And Im coming for the top!!! 


Hope to see you there!!


A great review by Sleeping Bag Studios


Whats up everybody! Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! As you know, I have released the first single off Verbal Canvas Vol. 2 (Prod by Master David). The single is entitled "Get Get Get It"! Its generating alot of play, especially online. Big time shoutout to the homie Jer over at Sleeping Bag Studios for writing an awesome review on the track. 


Check it out here: Get Get Get It-Prod By Master David


Gospel Praise Jam 2015


Wattup good people.. Yesterday was a great day. Many of you didnt know, but I also do a little gospel hip hop. My brother (local gospel/R&B artist) Brother D came to me about 2 years ago with a gospel track that he thought I would be perfect for. When he approached me with the idea, I was a little taken by the request, Mainly because I had never even put any mental energy into the idea. But he convinced me that it was something I could do. So we did the track, and low and behold, it went just as easy as writing any other song I have done. Fast forward to now, a woman he know's plugged us a spot to do our first performance as a Gospel group and Praise Jam 2015 at The Tabernacle church. Brother D had let someone in his neighborhood hear some of our music, and she contacted the lady putting the show together. And she reached out to Brother D personally to get us to perform. And we did. The show went quite well. The sound system wasnt that great, but we made due with what God gave us. 


Here is the link to the YouTube video I posted. TNT performing at Praise Jam 2015!!




What is going on in Baltimore, and all over the world is crazy. I try to understand the frustration with all the rioters. But what I don't understand is why they are tearing up their own neighborhoods. Baltimore has been "rebuilding" since the riots of the late 60's. And they still haven't remodeled anything from that era. In my opinion, a peaceful protest that would be beneficial would be to stop giving the oppressors our money. If we cut them off at the head, and eliminate the income they generate off us would effect them in a tremendous way. But I get it, they're upset. They're tired. And they feel that the only way to get anyone to listen to them is to cause havoc. That won't get us too far. My heart goes out to all the families that have lost someone close due to police injustice. I personally haven't experienced this first hand. But I can only imagine the pain and stress that can stem from that situation. 


Brother D and I came up with a song that is perfect for this ongoing madness. And straight like that, "It Don't Have To Be This Way". And the moral to the track, is that we all must get up and keep going.. Stay positive. God got us. Help your brother when you know he is making a bad move. Same for your sister. We gotta be there for one another. Because clearly, nobody else will. If we all could just sit back and look at the bigger picture and realize they want us to be against each other. They want us to be negative. They want us blind to the things going on around us. They don't want us to see the potential that we possess. 



I digress. Brother D and I feel that It dont have to be this way. 


Check out the track that we did on this very topic and situation.. 


Click here: "It Don't Have To Be This Way-Brother D Ft Da Challenger




The First single off Verbal Canvas Vol. 2 (Prod by Master David)


Whats going on good people. Today has been a good day. After long conversations and points being made, I have decided to release the first single off VC Vol 2. We decided to go with "Get Get Get It". Mainly because it has enough elements to be played on any outlet. The song, produced by the legendary Master David, is a song basically stating that to get what you want to go get it.. Point Blank Period. Simple. Of course, you already know I stuck to telling you story... We are also looking to shoot the video in May. No set date just yet. But we already have the photographer on deck and all that are going to be apart of the movement! 



Here goes the single! Get Get Get It Prod by Master David


Listen, share it, and retweet it with the hashtag #getgetgetit


Lets get the world ready yall. Im counting on you!




Who doesn't like free stuff?!


Whats going on everyone! Hope all is well with you all. Things are going well over here, and have no complaints. Things are moving along quite well. I have now finished all of Verbal Canvas Vol 2 (prod by Master David). That boy bad.. I am now at the point where I am figuring out which song to make the first single dropped and video shot. This will be my best project thus far. And I stuck to the script, I kept it old school. Straight up boom bap beats and lyrics for the soul! More verbal stories being told.. The whole nine.. Yall know me!! LOL. Looking to release the project around my birthday in June. Be on the lookout.. #FOOD

Moving right along. I am currently doing a survey. I want to get you guys feedback on this site and if you had any ideas on how I can make it better. I am trying to grow and expand to a wider audience. So I need you all to help me out. Take this quick survey, tell me what you think. And tell a friend to do the same. 

Here is the Link:



I really appreciate you guys taking the time to rock with me! Without yall, I am nothing! 


Da Challenger


Show at Eden Lounge




Tonight was an epic night!! Shout out to all the artists and fans of true hip hop that came out! In all honesty, I shut that bitch down. I got big celebrations after every one of my songs. This was an unbelievable feeling. Especially because, the crowd didnt really react to many of the artists like they did with me. Talk about a rush! I have said it many times that this is the year for me and City Music Records. At the end of the day, it was a great experience. I cannot wait for the next one! 


Show coming up


Whats going on everyone! Hope everybody is enjoying the first part of the spring season. Dont forget about my show coming up on April 11th at Eden Lounge in DC. Its gonna be a great show. The ticket is stocked full of great artists coming up in the area. I mean if you want to get the warmer season started off right, come out and show your boy some love! 


Here is the link to get your tickets. They're only $12. A damn good price for a show of this caliber!


Hope to see you there.. 



Dame Dash's recent rant


Ok so, there has been a lot of backlash against Dame Dash for his recent interview on "The Breakfast Club". He went off on the DJ there because he feels anybody willingly working for someone is a slave. And while his approach was very aggressive, and came off fairly harsh. I completely understand. I mean we should never get comfortable working for anyone in life. Working to make someone else's dreams come true. he feels like as a man, you should have your own thing going on. Now I know I may be a little late with my response, but I had to watch it a few times to get what he was actually trying to say. While overly excessive in approach, he was basically saying do something with your life. He stated that he's not grinding for his first name, he doing it for his last name.. Which to me is a very deep statement. Especially those of us with sons. Work hard so your kids can be and do better in life. Not saying that if the shoe was on the other foot that that wont happen. But all things considered, I get it. And I wholeheartedly agree with what he said. If you work somewhere, and you cant get your kid a job there, or if your kid was in a jam and needed some cash, and they cant go to the company you work for and get what they need. You're wasting your time. 

I digress, I understand. Completely!!!

Build your own Empire... Be great... Be awesome!!

Just my .02



Interview with The Corner Source Radio


Shoutout the wonderful people over at The Corner Source Radio. Today I was the featured local talent on their show. I had a great time there. The hosts Tracey, Ms. Khea and Legend really made me feel right at home. Man, shoutout everybody at Ripped Radio.. When the link drops, ill plug you guys the interview and the random freestyle Legend and I did! 

So far, and like I've stated on several occasions. This is the year that City Music Records rises to the top!! Watch what I tell you!! 


Stay Tuned!!



DMV Cypher with The Fury


Tonight was an epic night. I was on WPGC 95,5 for their DMV Cypher. It was different this time. This time, they played a freestyle I had submitted live on the air. But then I got to redo it in front of the WPGC banner and it got recorded. I will let you guys know as soon as they post it on their site! 


Things are progressing at a rapid pace. And I am very ecstatic about it all. Especially the direction!!


Here's to the next phase!!



Tonight's episode of Empire


Man so I just finishes processing the season finale of Empire. And all I can say is wow. I mean..... WOW. I haven't been that glued to the TV since the last time the Cowboys went to the Super Bowl. Now we all are gonna be salivating until next season premieres. I just hope FOX stays in the lane it chose and keeps up the good work. Well as you all know I am gonna be on WPGC tomorrow for the DMV Cypher at 9pm. Its the freestyle edition and I get to do something fresh.. 


If you dont know about my freestyles, here is one I just did yesterday! Check it out. So you know I am who I am.



Peace yall!


Another opportunity on a major radio station



Well it looks like I have been called back into action. Another opportunity to be on a major radio station in the DMV. Shoutout to Tony Redz aka Mr. 24/7 and everybody up at WPGC. This will be my second time being able to be on this station. Last time I was there, I was promoting my single. "Body & Soul" prod by Master David and the city went wild. Now I get a chance to do a one minute freestyle. I did a lil something to one of my favorite beats, "Deadly Combination" by Big L and Tupac. I hope you guys get to check me out! 




Eden Lounge Show


What a great way to start the spring. Come out and see history in the making. This will be my first show of this caliber. And I promise to shut that lounge down!!!! Click the link to purchase a $12 ticket. But for the next 9 days, use promo code DA467 to receive a $2.00 discount!


Hope to see you there!!



Upcoming show at Eden Lounge


Whats going on good people. I have some great news. Thanks to, I am on deck to perform at Eden Lounge on April 11th 2015. This is a great opportunity for me to really get into what Im out here trying to do. Big shout out to Skinny Genez, Jew Chainz ft Muscle$, Derion Jai, Tbone, and all other performers slated to be on as well. This is a great way for us to get our names out there and make some things happen!! 


Here is the link to get your tickets:


Hope to see you all there!!!! 




Lost files from the DMV Showcase


Here is one of the pictures from the Showcase that I had forgot to post. It was a fun filled, locally star studded event. And a lot of good things are coming for Indie hip hop in DC. 


City Music Records and summer 2015


Whats going on everybody. Hope all is well with you guys! I am doing just fine, things are moving at a semi rapid pace and City Music Records is ahead of schedule. We now have POVbeats, Brother D, Sleepy DaReapa, and Rae Lyrique. All we are missing is a lady.Preferably one who sings and spits. But we will take one that does one or the other! With what we have now, we are making a strong run to pop off this summer! Believe what I tell you, we are making a stand and people will know who we are! #iPromise #getrightorgetleft #FOOD 


DMV Showcase 7 With WKYS and EZ Street



Tonight was a great night. Shoutout to EZ Street and the whole KYS crew for giving me the chance to rock the stage. I had a great time, and me some cool and like minded people in the process. I have stated before that 2015 is gonna be the year we (City Music Records) makes a stand, and its happening at a rapid pace. I have released 5 freestyles so far. And I will keep them coming as I get people ready for Verbal Canvas Vol. 2 Prod By Master David. 


Stay tuned people, te games are just beginning!!! 




Getting you ready for Vol. 2


Alright good people. Whats good with you all!! Today was the radio portion pf the DMV Showcase. Today, 24 artists and I were on 93.9 WKYS to promote our song and do a drop for the station. Tomorrow is the show at Pure Lounge in DC,


Things are moving right along, 2015 has been going well. Since Master David has been traveling and not able to put out any new beats. I have been doing freestyles to keep the anticipation high. Keepin you guys happy while you wait on the next one. 


Here are the links to the freestyles:

City Music Freestyle 1


City Music Freestyle 2


City Music Freestyle 3


Have fun with these!! 


Da Challenger


EZ Street's DMV Showcase




OK ladies and Gents. I have been chosen to perform at Pure Lounge for EZ Street of 93.9 WKYS at his DMV Showcase on January 25, 2015. I submitted "Body & Soul" (Prod By Master David) and was accepted. This is the start of a great 2015. The show is from 6-9pm. All the info is on the flyer.. Hope to see you out there!! 



Happy New Year 2015


Hello, hello , hello!!! Happy New Year to you all. I wish you all learned from your mistakes from 2014, and going in to 2015 you're an overall better person! This is YOUR year! Claim it, and embrace it!!!




Verbal Canvas Vol 1 is here


Well ladies and gentlemen!! The mixtape is finally here! Verbal Canvas Vol. 1 is available for download here: 


I am very thankful for all the input, and the feedback I have received over the last year! Its been a rough one, but I got through it! 


Go on ahead and download it and let me know what you think!!


Da Challenger



Five more days!!!


Whats going on good people!!! There are just five days left before the release of "Verbal Canvas Vol. 1". A lot of work has gone into this project, and the effort will show. I am wiling to bet that this will be a breath of fresh air for a lot of people. Hip-Hop ain't dead, its just in the wrong hands. And I am here to take it back. The king of Head nod is back and ready for whatever!! I am actually tired of what is being pushed down our throats. Its getting old and redundant. Its time for a change. And I am at the forefront charging forward. 


Hope you guys are ready..... 


Five Days....


Da Challenger


Verbal Canvas Vol 1 commercial


Here is a short commercial to bring you to my world!!! 



Verbal Canvas Vol 1


Well ladies and gents! The cover is done, and ready to go! Nov 10th is coming and this is exactly what the game has been missing!!


Next project!


Whats going on good people!! Hope everyone is doing great. I am here today to tell you that the next project is complete. Im just waiting on the cover to be finished! This one will be called "Verbal Canvas Vol. 1" The first of a series. Its 12 tracks deep, with plenty of head nod for you!! The release date is Nov 10th, 2014! And them im dropping another one Dec 8th. That one will be called "Remix King" full of a bunch of remixes i have done to some popular songs! Hope you guys are ready! These will be something to talk about!!!


Peace and blessings Kings and Queens!! 

Da Challenger


DMV Spotlight


Whats going on good people! I have some good news for you today. Today I was the featured artist on WPGC's DMV Spotlight. This segment is dedicated to local artist that have worked to get a buzz and are making a name for themselves. Shoutout to Tony Reddz AKA Mr. 24/7 and DJ Richie Rich for the lookout. They played my single "Body & Soul" and the station went crazy. I mean absolute pandemonium. lol I am very eccstatic about this. Now I have to ride the high before it dies out! Look forward to the new mixtape coming this month.. #iPromise


Peace and blessings yall!! 

Da Challenger


Busy as ever


Whats going on good people. I hope everyone is doing well and living life. I have been quite the busy guy over here. I recently moved and got a new job. On top of finalizing the playlist for the latest mixtape. Which I still havnet even named yet, LOL. But I have finally moved in, and setup the studio so things will continue to be moving. I was contacted recently by Everybody Eats Entertainment out of North Carolina. They contacted me because they are planning a show in Winston-Salem, and want me and City Music Records to come down and for me to be the featured act!! WOW!!! I am surely eccstatic about this right here. The show is supposed to be around the middle of November. So in the mean time between time, we have a lot work to do. Planning, and communicating and making sure everybody is on the same page. 


All in all, as usual, things are moving! I am thankful. And I hope everyone is progressing in their lives!!


Da Challenger


FInally Finished


What is going on good people!!!! My apologies that I haven't been posting like usual. Things are pretty busy on my end. I hope everyone is having a great summer. I know I am. Where do I begin. My summer song "Body & Soul" got into the ear of a few local DJ's on one of the popular stations in the area. (WPGC 95.5) and they are loving it. If you havent heard it, heres the link:  And its really generating a buzz. When the track got to their attention, they asked me for a press kit, which I had, but never got around to completing. Honestly, I didn't put a rush on it because of this site, plus my facebook fan page. If you've never seen the fan page, heres the link: So I basically had to go and get some new professional photos taken, finalize all the new music I had, and set up my press kit. Sounds fairly simple right? It really is in a nutshell, but when the heat is on, it feels like alot. All in all, I got it done. And Im waiting for the response. The DJ's are on air daily, so I will be patient with this one. I am thankful for whatever may come from this. Whats the worse they can say, NO?? LOL, I think I'd live.. 


I digress....

Things are moving at a steady pace. I wish you all everything your hearts desire!! 

Da Challenger



Pink Rain



Here is a sample of one of the tracks I did with D. Mills. An excellent songwriter and vocalist I have been working with. We aren't currently working on anything as a duo. But we do come together quite often. 


Hope you guys enjoy!! 


Da Challenger





Summer Time Fine


Whats going on good people I am her to tell you that I have released my summer single entitiled " Summer Time Fine". Its a nice, laid back, summer time cookout track that will give you the feel of being out and about in the summer having a blast. Its surely some "feel good music"!! 

Here is the link to the track.. Hope you enjoy!!

Give it a listen and support the movement!! 




Things are going very well


Wassup good people.. Today I finished the last verse and touchups on another track. This one is entitled "Rewind Time". In this particular son, I talk about how sometimes we wish we could go back and redo parts of our lives. We all have had that moment, whether it was a person we met, a situation we were in. Anything. But when I was done, I realized I have 15 songs done. Didnt even realize it. Six months in, and I have another project done. I linked up with an awesome producer by the name of Master David. And this guy in my opinion is sent from God himself. I have been searching for a producer of his caliber for 3 years. And believe me, Ive been looking. And through him, Im gonna bring yall some good old fashioned great music.. He has a 90's feel, that reminds you of being outside at a cookout with friends and family.. I did two songs to his beats. One called "Summer Time Fine" and "Rewind Time" and there will possibly be two more!!! 



 Look forward to more good music this summer guys n gals.. 



Da Challenger



My apologies for the neglect.


Whats going on good people. I have been a very busy guy over the last month. I actually had to put my music and City Music records on hold to handle some personal business. But guess what??!!! I am back and ready to get things back in order. I have def been putting pen to paper, and keeping my craft up, just havvent been able to lay the tracks down. But things have a way of panning out. Look for some new music coming in the next few weeks. 



I hope everyone is having a good 2014.. I sure am...


Da Challenger




What's going on good people! Hope everyone is enjoying their 2014. I have been pretty busy here lately, and just wanted to jump in and say wassup to you guys. Currently I am still working on my next project, which I still havent named.. Rae Lyrique and I are almost done with our joint project entitled "God Like". And also, working with D. Mills on his solo gospel project. Things are pretty crazy around here. I feel like pen and paper are my wife and mistress. But its all good. Sleep is for the weak.. 


I also got a press release written for Blue Lights In The Basement! Want to read it, here it is: city_music.doc


All in all, things are moving forward.. As I continue to grow artistically, I am learning more and more about life. But in the end it'll all be worth it right??


Peace everybody, and remember, we are all trying to find greatness in ourselves.. Thats where it starts!!


#FOOD=Fighting Off Our Demons


Getting ready for this colab project with Rae Lyrique




Hello everyone. If you read my last blog post about the album Rae Lyrique and I are doing. Here is one of the tracks we've done. Its a remix to Renegade by Jay-Z and Eminem. I let one of my music critics hear it and he loved it. And I think you guys will love it as well. We put alot of thought and effort into this track and its just the beginning. 


Thanks for listening,

Da Challenger


#FOOD Fighting Off Our Demons


Whats up good people.. I hope everyone is doing well. Going into this new year, I have stepped things up a notch. Today I bring to you the official #FOOD t-shirt, and hoodie. Im trying to get people hip to the movement of fighting through our trials and tribulations. One thing is life is certain, that there will come a time when we fall victim to our demons. But the thing is, we have a choice as to what happens next. We can sit around upset at the fact that we're down, or we can risw to the occasion and accept the challenge. I, myself have demons I am fighting on a daily basis. I am getting better everyday. 


So with that being said, i am hoping that you feel me, and would buy a shirt or hoodie to help get the word out.. Here's the link. 

I hope you guys are having a great year. 



Da Challenger


Progressing and expanding.


Whats going on good people. I haven't talk to you guys in over a month and I am very sorry for that. There is a lot going on on my end these days. Between creating new music, working on the site, managing two facebook fan pages and just overall life. A guy has had his hands full. So recently I've gotten up with an old friend of mine, Rae Lyrique. You can find him featured on one song on every mixtape I've ever put out. He and I go back to high school where the dream was planted. You ever meet or know of an artist that in your opinion should have made it by now? Yea, thats how I feel about this guy. A very talented MC. So after talking with him, we decided to form a group. With his excellent verbal skills, and my vintage style, we compliment each other in a very awesome way. We've already completed two tracks and the goal is a 10 track EP just to give you guys a taste of whats to come. We haven't come up with a name just yet, but the sessions are still very epic. On top of getting with him, I am also finishing up my next mixtape. Didn't even realize I was 10 tracks in already. I may add one more to it then drop it on you unexpectedly.. On some Beyonce shit. lol! I digress, I've been very busy lately, and plan on keeping it going.. 


Hope everyone is having a great 2014. 



Da Challenger


(Fighting Off Our Demons)


New Year


Wassup everyone.. Hope your new year is starting off well. My new year was going fine till I got the news that my aunt had passed on Jan 4th. Her heart just stopped.. I was devastated. Completely floored by the news. I still havent processed the information that I received. I am litterally at a loss for words over it. I am doing fine, it gets better as the time passes. The only thing that can heal pain is time. 


With that being said, I wrote a song about how I feel. I was/am confused on the situation. For my little cousins sake. To lose my mom, man I couldnt even fathom that.. 


This is the song I did to express how I truly feel about the whole scenario..


The track is called "One Question"



I hope you enjoy, and see exactly what I am going through..


Da Challenger


Just stopping by!!


Wassup everyone. Just dropping by to give you all an update on Blue Lights. So far I have over 3,000 views, over 550 streams and 5 downloads. Im happy with the outcome so far. People are listening. I havent gotten any comments as to how they felt. But again, I am alright with that. Thus far, this tape has gotten more views and streams than my previous two. I hope you guys have enjoyed the tape. There is more to come.. Very soon. I plan on dropping some serious tunes on yalls heads.. the plan is for 6-10 mixtapes.. #ihopeyallready


Happy Holidays and Bring in the new year awesome....


Da Challenger


Blue Lights has been released!!!


Good day friends.. I am here to inform you that I have released Blue Lights today. The link is at the top. I know it took my a while to bring it out. But it has now arrived. Thanks to, i was able to release it with no problem. 

I wish it bring you as much joy as it gave me in the making of this project..


Da Challenger!



Classic Beats




Whats going on good people.. Hope you all are prepared for this holiday season upon us. I come to you today with a new track I have done. I know, I know, I said I was gonna focus on Blue Lights, But this came to me very randomly. So im listening to some of my favorite artists from the greatest era in hip-hop.. (the 90's) and i start thinking to myself. What happened to the music.. When did it become what it is today? I am told consistently that I have a natural ability to tell stories in my music. And I owe that to me growing up in an era where music told stories. Made you feel as if ou were right there when whatever happened.. So I decided to come up with this track on a classic beat not many are familiar with, or even tried to use.. The artist, Ghosface Killah, is one of my all time favorite rappers to ever touch a mic. 

Anyway, sit back and enjoy, Im pretty sure you're gonna bang this twice.. 


Da Challenger


Wassup good people!!!


I am just dropping a line to say hello to everyone. I hope all of you are doing fantastic. I am doing fine. I got a new full time working for Wyndham Resorts, and I have been pretty busy. I like the job. All the people seem nice and cool to work with. The days and hours are different, but nothing too hard to get used to. I am still on my music grind, believe that much. I just want to let you all know that I have not forgetten about none of you.. Without you all, there is no me.. 



Da Challenger



My very first interview involving my music!


So today I came home and jumped on to listen to the indie radio segment. And as soon I log in i hear my single Can We Go Ft Mz. Chelle. and the host, the beautiful RobinLynne sent me a private message stating that she wanted to call me and do an interview because she had been getting emails about the song inquiring about it... HOW EXCITED AM I RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! Came out of no where!! Absolutely phenomenal feeling. 


If you want to hear the interview, here is the link!!

the interview starts at roughly 9 minutes in.. check it out!!


A pretty awesome blog I came across on Music Industry How To


“Wassup people, just a quick update to let you know about one of the sites I've been reading recently. My boys at Music Industry How To have been putting out guides for musicians for a while, and I just thought I'd share one of the ones I found to be quite useful. It's about getting your mixtape noticed, and can be read here


What I will do for you


Wassup good people.. Its been a few weeks since I've posted anything. Been a little busy. Everything is going well. Still getting positive reviews on the single. I think that the ladies are more into to it than the fellas.. But thats ok with me! lol!! Anyway, I was thinking of a way I can give back to you guys. I want to promote my site, my single, and the support local hip hop shirts.. So I came up with this.. EVERYONE WHO PURCHASES A "SUPPORT LOCAL HIP-HOP" SHIRT WILL RECEIVE A PERSONALIZED POSTER AND A COPY OF BLUE LIGHTS IN THE BASEMENT! As a thank you for the love and support you guys have shown me. You all just dont understand how much I appreciate you. 


BTW.. I have a new #hashtag. Its #FOOD-Fighting Off Our Demons. We all have battles to win, and demons to defeat!! We all can surpass the madness with a little Faith.. 


Da Challenger


Moving forward, dropping the first single.


Wassup everybody. Im back to let you guys know that things are going well. I am promoting the first single off Blue Lights. The single I decided to drop was Can_We_Go_Ft._Mz._Chelle.mp3. So far, I'm getting pretty good reviews. Especially because cuffing season is upon us. lol!! The ladies are loving it, and the fellas can relate.. Which was my aim!! So far so good. I am happy with the way things are going. Im at a loint where I feel that I may need to outsouce some of my promotion to bring in more listeners. Id like to know what you may think.. I would really appreciate the input..


Thanks in advance, 

Da Challenger


Another notch under my belt.


Alright good people.. I have made it to another Coast2Coast mixtape. I am track #3 on:


This is the second mixtape i've had the privilege to be featured on. Even though its not the mixtape I was aiming for. But thankful none the less. I want to thank everyone who voted for me. And i'd like to send a special shoutout to those that didnt vote for me. And an even bigger shoutout to those that said they did, but really didnt. I ended up with 64 total votes. I could've did better. Moving forward, I know what I need to do to get more votes.. All things considered, this is just another notch under my belt on the road to glory..


Heres the link to the mixtape:

I am track #3!


Again, i;d like to thank all the voters that took time out of their lives to vote for me...


I appreciate all of you!!


Da Challenger


Dropping Blue Lights


Alright friends. I have finally finished the creation of Blue Lights In The Basement. It was a long process, but I am very happy with the outcome. All things considered, this will be my best product to date. Havent quite set a date to drop it. At this point I am figuring out my marketing scheme, and which direction I am gonna take with it. Shoutout to Rae Lyrique, Mz. Chelle, and D. Mills for assisting in the making of this project. And especially to everyone I had listen to a few of the cuts I had emailed out! Again I must shoutout D. Mills.. This guy was there for me like no other person. When I felt down, his words and inspiration kept me going.

All things considered. I am very happy and thankful or the project. An I am very excited to hear what people are gonna say.. If you want you copy, drop me an email at

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in the making of Blue Lights In The Basement.




Alright friends. I know its been a while since i've posted. Alot has been going on. From trying to get the votes for the next coast2coast mixtape hosted by Juicy J. And promoting this the site!!!! Things are going well. Im doing fine.. Well todays news is I have been plugged for a show coming up on October 3rd. Shoutout to Mango Brown and Certified Flirts for this oppotunity!! I am very thankful for it!!


If any of you can make it out, I would really appreciate it!!!! 


Da Challenger

Blue Lights In The Basement

Fall/Winter 2013


On another note, I infact did record another track.. When I heard the beat, I had to jump on it.. All i'll say is P-Funk has returned through me!! lol


The Motion


Ok, so its been a few days since my last post. Im still riding the high of being featured on that coast 2 coast mixtape. Anyway, I was reading an article on maketing, using social media. Im still having trouble getting new followers on twitter. So as im reading im noticing that its telling me that I should stop making music for a minute, and focus solely on the marketing aspect of my music. And after I read it, I felt like they were right. The article was saying that I can have the best music being made right now, but if I dont have anybody looking or waiting to hear it, Its falling on deaf ears. So I decided to utilize hootsuite to schedule my tweets and fb posts. So far, Im getting the same results. Not a bad thing, I just need to keep at it...


On another note, I know it said that I shouldnt be making any new music at the moment, but I heard Drakes Motion and had to do a remix to it. So going against the advice from the article, I did it anyway.. I think im done now!! lmao!!!!


Heres what one person had to say about it:

Dj Khalil (DMV)- That joint is hot bro! The mixing is pretty good too, with your voice and Drake's balanced well.

Here it is!! Tell me what you think!



Another Day


Well today has so far been another Saturday.. Pretty chill and laid back. I've been thinking still if I should add a song or 2 to "Blue Lights In The Basement". Im still pondering this... The dilemma is, I dont want to give my fans too much, but I def dont want to get them too little.. I have an idea for a song that would not only fit the frame of the title, but would end this project on a great note. I wish I could tell you what its about, but I dont want anyone to steal the idea.. 


As I sit back and think on the direction I plan on taking, I am reminded that you are only as good as your thought process..


I'll be fine..


Da Challenger

Blue Lights In The Basement-Fall/Winter 2013 


An Email I received!


Ok so today I received an email from Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes the my song "Super Thick" made to "The Indie Top 50" Vol 213. 


How excited am I?? Very!! I have been submitting music to these guys for 4-5 months now. And finally, I get on! Dont really know if this mixtape will be heard by anybody, but it is a notch under my belt. Something for the resume. lol

God works in many ways, and I have been keeping my head high, and my faith even higher!!


Here is the link to the mixtape:

My track "Super Thick" is track number 39


Again, I am so thankful!!


Wondering what to do...


Alright, so today I am looking at the track list for "Blue Lights In The Basement" and I'm thinking to myself, is 14 tracks enough? I have a strong urge to put one or two more tracks on there, but stuck feeling like I dont want to put to many. My first mixtape "Hustlers Dream" had 18. My second "Life Thru My Eyes" had 13. And an unrealeased project I did called "Tunnel Vision" had 11. But with "Tunnel Vision" I took one of the tracks off of it and put in on "Blue Lights In The Basement". Blue Lights is schedule for public release sometime in the fall/winter, so I do still have time to decide what I want to do. 


If you want to hear my first two projects that I released, here are the links:

Hustlers Dream-

Life Thru My Eyes-


Let me know what yal think!!


Da Challenger


Turning the page


Ok, so my cousin D. Nice came home to visit this weekend. He and I have been putting together some music here and there, but due to his move to Durham put it at a standstill. Over the course of 4 days we've spent almost 45 hours in the studio. Solely working on his gospel project entitled E.L.A.T.E.D. And I must say, this is going to change the way gospel music is heard. And I really think that this style of gospel is going to reach a wider range of listeners. I myself have never really been a big fan of gospel music, but I will say this, if it had sounded like this when I first heard it, I'd probably have a different aspect of it. I featured on two of the songs on album. And overall we (especially him) are very excited to see the response we are gonna get off of this. Six tracks done. Mixed and Mastered in roughly 45 hours.. Because of him, my sleeping pattern is way off.. lol! But thats fam and I know he would do the same for me.. I also reached out to a young gospel songstress by the name of TC, she came out and blessed two of the tracks as well. All in all it was a great weekend. Got alot of work done. I am excited because when he told me he wanted me to feature on two, I was hesitant at first, but the final product came out emmaculate.. And I mean that!!

Here is one of the tracks off D. Nice's Album entitled E.L.A.T.E.D

The song is called "Lord Do What You Want With Me" FT TC & Da Challenger




Still learning


Ok, so I am a few hours in to having this site, and so far so good. I mean, Im winging it all f rom start to finish. I've reached out to a few friends and family to get some input, and they all have said they liked it the way it is.. IMO I think they are being nice. Dont get me wrong, the site is ok. But it could be better.. but I digress, I am ok with what i have goin on at the moment..




Da Challenger

Blue Lights In The Basement-Coming Fall/Winter 2013


Today I do something different


Today I stepped out on faith and started to take another step towards my dream. I decided I am tired of using social media, and free places to send people to get information about myself and my new music. I was cool wiith the free way, but I got free results. 


This is a better way for me to get closer to my fans, and have potiential fans see me as I am.. 


The journey begins....


Da Challenger